1. Where do we ship from?Do you ship internationally?

We ship from USA to world wide, means to any country except Israel. We are (United States) very familiar with Canada and United Kingdom, (Europe Countries), and Australia deliveries

Money back guarantee

We have a 100% product replacement policy based on your order state.we do have a refund policy that protects our clients should delivery fails. That is we do reship using alternative method. \money is refunded if all methods are unsuccessful.

5. How do i cancel or change my order

No need to worry ,if you want to change your order simply place another order our customer service will takecare of the rest.If you want to cancel order just simply contact our service on the contact us page write order number and request.it will be takencare of.

7. Is my info safe?

yes,your information is safe,transactions are secure ,no third party,clean delivery no stress

2. Who should i contact if i have any queries and question

If you have queries ,questions,complain contact this Email:[email protected] and your problem will be taken care of instantly

4. How do I track my order

You can track your order on our website at the top right corner of the page or contact our live customer service for more information and help

6. How long does delivery take?Do you ship overnight?

that depends on Your location and time you make payments.24 hrs max to all orders within US and 2-3 days delivery to order areas around the world and we ship overnight.

8. How Successful is delivery?

We ensure that all packages are shipped with maximum Protection. extreme care and precaution, specifically to minimize shipment volume. shipments are sent from various shipping points Europe, established in different countries, to ensure fast and safe delivery and highest probability of successful delivery. we have 98% success to USA based clients ,95 to Canada & UK, 95% success rate to Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, , Australia, New Zealand etc. please note before ordering. If you insist and want to take a chance anyway to these countries, please place order online ( pick WU / MoneyGram) and let us know in email that you want it to be shipped and we will!

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